Diary of a Dog: Trip the Intrepid

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Check in at 5pm to mingle with fellow supporters, enjoy a cocktail from the cash bar, and snap pictures of you and your party. Silent Auction opens at 5:45 for general admission, where you can bid on fantastic items. During dinner, you’ll get to hear from members of the NMDR team who will share heartwarming stories of our rescued dogs and their new, loving families. Don’t miss this unforgettable evening!

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This Thing Called Freedom
August 7, 2018
Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Trip. It’s kind of a funny name but it suits me well because I only have three legs. I have a sense of humor about that because it makes me extra-special and nobody’s perfect, right? Plus, three legs are plenty for me. I get along very well, thank-you-very-much.
My friends call me Trip the Intrepid. Why you might ask? Well, it’s simple. It’s because of my courage and my adventurous spirit. Would you like to know my story? Oh good. I like to share.
For the past nine years, I’ve been living in a puppy mill. I spent day after day for all of those looonnngg years in a cage wondering when it would be my turn to have a family. I helped make a lot of cute puppies who were all sent away to their forever homes. I missed them, but I also envied them. Then one day two manly men named Chuck and Bryan showed up. They were looking at ME! I didn’t know quite what to think and had no idea why they were there or what they wanted with an older, quirky guy like me. The next thing I knew, they gently scooped me up in their strong arms and put me in something called a “rescue van”. Chuck and Bryan promised me that everything would be okay.
Chuck and Bryan sure paid a lot of attention to me during the long drive. I had never been in a van before and no one really talked specifically to me or cared much about how I was doing. They sure did and that’s when I got my name. Trip. I like it!
Many hours later, I arrived at a place called National Mill Dog Rescue. I was greeted by lots of cheering people and smiling faces. They were happy to see ME! WOW! No one had ever been happy to see ME! They told me how beautiful and special I was and didn’t even care that I was missing a leg. I was placed in loving arms and carried to a place with a soft bed all of my own. There was so much to smell and see and hear. I could feel my courage swelling inside of me.
I am definitely getting used to all of the attention! I feel like a celebrity or something. Would you like my autograph? Lol. Seriously, I’m really diggin’ this thing called freedom. I NEVER get tired of hearing people tell me how adorable I am, and oh, the cuddles and kisses! Sometimes I worry that it is all a dream, and wish someone would pinch me. No one here would, though. They are way too nice.
Stay tuned to see what happens next in this crazy world of mine. You just never know what you might see!
Trip the Intrepid, signing off.
And remember, always let courage guide your heart ♥️

September 20, 2018

Hello, peeps. It’s me, Trip. I am a little groggy from having surgery but wanted to give everyone an update before I crash for the night. I’m sleeping at Kim’s house and really dig being in a real home.

Yep, I went under the knife today. Guess what they did? Ummm, yeah. It’s called “neutering” and at first, I was like, “EEEKKKKK! You’re gonna WHAT??!” It’s all good though. Being “fixed” is the way to go and I highly recommend it. I am going to get on my soapbox for a moment, that is, if I don’t fall off and go SPLAT! Still woozy, ya know, and I do have to balance on three legs … so there’s that.  Anyhoo, there are PLENTY of dogs who need good homes! People should ADOPT not shop. I’ve learned a lot about that since being rescued from that awful cage. Ugh. I made the best of it, but geez. It was so boring. The same routine, day in and day out.  Oh, and making puppies, over and over again. There will be no more of that! I also had some teeth pulled. They needed out, like, yesterday! My choppers hurt like heck and it was hard to eat. I can’t wait to chow down once the doc says it’s okay. Who wants to fix me a nice, juicy steak?

I have to say … I get a little choked up when I see my new friends going to their forever homes. I kinda didn’t want my roomie, Alice, to leave, but was happy for her at the same time. None of us have had homes before … hint, hint.  Yeah, I’ve got a secret, but I’m not telling while I’m still “under the influence”.  Surgery has its up-side … WEEEEE!  I felt like I was flying!

One more bit of news before I hit the sack. I got to visit Freedom Gardens today! It’s almost done, and Kim was cool enough to take me out there for a sneak peek after I woke up. At first, I was like, “Trip, whoa dude, you are TRIPPIN’!”  To heck with taking it easy for a few days. Once I got my wits about me, I was off like the wind! WOOOO! Oh, and I did “christen” Freedom Gardens. Heh. I hope that was okay …

Well, it’s been a big day and all, so I’m packing it in. Kim has a nice, soft bed waiting for me. Ahhhhh. I could get used to this! (hint, hint)

This is Trip the Intrepid, signing off for now.  Remember … always trust the magic of new beginnings.

September 30, 2018
Hi, it’s me again, you know … TRIP! I think we’re getting to be pretty close pals, especially since I told you about THAT surgery and all. Yep, I was neutered last week and had some awful teeth yanked out. Anyhoo, I am feeling pretty darned good and am rarin’ to go!


Trip & Alice

My girl Alice isin her new home. I’m happy for her but kinda sad at the same time. I miss her! She smelled sooooo good! I know she is enjoying her new family and livin’ the dream. Good for you, Alice!
It has been crazy-busy at the kennel lately. Lots of people are wising up and adopting dogs who have never had a family. All we ever knew was living in a cage and making puppies. Ho-hum, it was really boring. There is a lot more I could say, but I would rather talk about what IS rather than what WAS because that part wasn’t so good.
So, I know I’ve been stringing you along about my big announcement. Guess what? I can tell you tomorrow!!! I’ve almost been bursting at the seams trying to keep this secret and that would be REALLY bad when you’ve had surgery where I just did. Yikes. I don’t wanna pop THOSE stitches, now do I? TMI, I know, I know …
Alrighty then, I am gonna wag my tail at a random person and hope they’ll pick me up and tell me how cute I am. I really like hearing that because I used to worry that I was kind of, well, not so much to look at plus I am minus a leg. The folks here say that makes me special. I like being special! Remember … don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else. Wow. That’s deep …
Stay tuned for my big announcement tomorrow. Trip the Intrepid, signing off for now. ???

October 8, 2018
Hey everybody! It’s me, Trip the great pumpkin! ?
I am ready for Halloween, but I’m even MORE ready for my new home. Mom and Dad are coming to pick me up in a week! (I like saying “mom and dad”). I’m soooo excited to meet them and my brothers and sisters!

Do you like my costume? It was kind of fun being a pumpkin. Ya know, I might be the only three-legged pumpkin ever! Maybe my new peeps will get me a pirate costume for Halloween. I would make a really good pirate. Arrrrrr!
Well, I’m going to take a little snooze and dream about my new home. I will try to check in again before I hit the road, but I’m a pretty busy guy these days. To think I was cooped up in a cage for all of those years. Gahhh.
Have a happy Monday and remember this: life can change in day. It really can. ???

October 13, 2018
Trip here! Well, it’s the BIG DAY! I get to meet my new mom and dad for the first time. I am sooooo excited!
Wait … I think I hear them. They’re here, they’re here!!!! Mom is SO pretty and dad is almost as handsome as yours truly. Almost. He gave me a kiss. (Blush)
I was pretty wiggly, but hey, I never had parents before, ya know? Mom didn’t drop me, though. Whew.
So, they tell me I’m going to live by the beach. Wow! Sounds super cool. Mom and Dad said there was a nasty storm named Florence that was kind of scary. Glad I missed it. I’ve had enough scary times. Living in a cage for nine years was no picnic.
The nice peeps at National Mill Dog Rescue are working on a special video about me, so watch for that. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up on the big screen one day. George Clooney, look out!
Okay, I’m going to sign off for now and spend time with my new family. I love saying that. My family. ???
Until next time, remember …
The best time for new beginnings is NOW.


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