Lost NMDR Dog

Dogs can and will get lost either through accident, carelessness, or just sheer genius on the part of a dog. Mill dog survivors have additional issues that make them high flight risks. They can be terrified of almost anything and will bolt at noises, unexpected movements, visual stimuli, or people. If your NMDR dog goes missing, act immediately! Start at the top of the list below and follow all the steps in order.

How National Mill Dog Rescue will help you

Every dog we foster or adopt out is important to us. National Mill Dog Rescue will help locate your dog as much as we can. Our help includes and may be limited to the following:

  • Communicating the information to the NMDR community through email and Facebook
  • Helping the owner with creating flyers, posters, handouts
  • Helping the owner set up, but not fund, alerts on various pet locater Web sites; and
  • Helping the owner organize and direct a search team (basic area search, pass out flyers, etc).

The following steps are for dogs that are being fostered or were adopted from National Mill Dog Rescue ONLY. We do not search for non-NMDR dogs.

Contact the NMDR Lost Dogs Team right away! (719) 683-3334
Report a Lost Dog customerservice@nmdr.org
Begin an immediate search of the area with anyone you can find to help you  

Make at least 50 color flyers with dog’s picture and your phone number

  • If offering a reward only put REWARD not an amount
  • Post flyers at intersections, cars, veterinarians, groomers and other businesses
  • Give flyers to the mailman and delivery drivers and everyone you encounter while searching
Make posters, the larger and brighter the better. Post a large sign/poster in your front yard with the flyer and photo.  
List the dog with various pet locator websites
Post a copy of the flyer on your Facebook page and ask your friends to share it.  
Post on missing pet pages/groups on Facebook
Post on any community pages or groups in your area. Post on any organizational pages or groups in your area.
List your missing dog with Helping Lost Pets
Fill out an online lost pet report with HSPPR (Colo Spg)
Visit the Humane Society every few days and walk the aisles also check their web site for lost and found pets
Schedule an Out of Public View tour at the Humane Society of animals that are injured or isolated
(719) 473-1741 – Colorado Springs
(303) 703-2938 – Denver
Look at Craigslist for found dogs and dogs needing re-homing also list your dog here as missing.   List in both the Lost & Found section and in the Pets section Craigslist
Place a lost dog ad in the local newspaper (719) 444-7355 Colorado Springs
Check your local newspaper’s classified section for found dogs
Gazette Colorado Springs

Lost Dog Team Wish List

Please check out our wish list on Amazon.com and consider donating to help us find lost dogs.

Helping to find and recover a Lost Dog can cost hundreds of dollars.  Please donate to help offset this additional expense to the organization.   Thank you.

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