Lost Dog

Has the dog you adopted from National Mill Dog Rescue gone missing?

Please only use this number if your dog was adopted from NMDR and has become lost. Begin by calling National Mill Dog Rescue’s Lost Dog Team at 719-985-0610.  For dogs not adopted from us, please contact your local Humane Society for assistance.

Leave a message if needed, someone will call you back but do not wait to begin your search.

Take these immediate steps and then take time to review some of the additional resources below.

  1. Consider the length of time your pup has been out and the path of least resistance and least traffic or activity.
  2. Map out a search area beginning with the last place the dog was seen and what direction he/ she was moving.  If he or she went missing from home, start there, look in the garage, under the bushes or in sheds, etc.,
  3. Gather as many searchers as possible and spread-out. Start searching, moving further away from the last sighting spot.  Be sure all searchers know not to chase or call to the dog.
  4. Whether searching, making posters, or posting on social media, be sure to indicate not to call or chase the dog.  Ask them to please try to keep eyes on the dog and call you immediately with sightings.
  5. Begin posting on social media, NextDoor, Facebook, Facebook groups and lost pet pages (search “lost pets” and your city.) Printable list of local Colorado Springs Pages and phone numbers. Update these postings at least every other day noting if your pup has been found.
  6. Call your dog’s microchip company and notify them of the situation.   Confirm that contact information etc. is current with the microchip company.
  7. Call your local shelters and rescues and report your dog missing. Check back daily.
  8. Ask a friend to begin making flyers/posters while you direct the search.  As soon as flyers are ready, have your team head out or give them to those searching and have them break off and knock on doors. Sample Flyer Link. Put multiple cell phone numbers if available on the poster. Do not include your last name, your address, or your pet’s name on your flyer!Use flyers to drop off with neighbors, mailmen, UPS drivers, construction workers, businesses, veterinarians, etc. Save 10 flyers to attach to giant fluorescent poster boards (these can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, and other stationery printing-type businesses.Place the posters on telephone or light poles at busy street corners – especially at the major intersections nearest where your pet escaped or was last seen. You will want to place your fluorescent posters at all the major intersections within a 2-to-5-mile radius of the escape point and at any locations where you’ve had possible sightings.

    Make sure they are as far above your head as possible for maximum visibility for drivers passing by. Use duct tape (on the back of the poster) to secure the poster to a post or pole.

  9. Put scent items out near home or the spot the dog escaped from and expand out if needed.  Mingle your scent and the dog’s scent – bedding, socks, food, etc.

If your pup is not home after your first day of searching, review these resources for more detailed search and trapping ideas.

National Posting and Search Sites

To find a group near you that may be able to help guide you in your search efforts see the National Posting Resources or Google Lost Dog Resources in your area.

NMDR partners with Petco Love Lost to make reuniting lost pets easier and free using image recognition technology to search a national database. Click HERE to search now using their free database.

Printable Tips: Searching for Shy Dogs

A Warning: Lost Pet Scams

Please be aware that it is not uncommon for scammers to target lost dogs’ people.

To avoid being a victim of a scam we recommend that you do not send money to anyone claiming to have your dog.

Always insist that your pet is returned to you before any reward is paid.

Do not send money to someone claiming to need money to ship your pet to you; this is a common scam.

Always meet the person who is claiming to have your dog in a public place.

If you run into any difficulties with the person claiming to have found your dog, contact the local authorities to help resolve the situation.


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