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Our Foster Program is currently at capacity and we are unable to accept new foster family applications at this time.  We welcome you to revisit our program in mid-2021.


How To Foster

Please read the foster process below prior to completing an application.

Why We Need Foster Families

Puppy Mill survivors have spent their entire lives inside a cage, without training or socialization.
They need help learning to become a pet, understanding what grass is, how to walk on a leash, how to interact with other family members, and that human touch can be kind. Foster homes are critical to their learning process. Foster families experience great joy and deep satisfaction when they see that through their efforts a puppy mill survivor gets a chance to become a pet and a new opportunity to share his or her unconditional love with people who care. Not only do foster homes have the joy of seeing their foster dog placed into a new, great, forever home, but also there is
the additional joy of seeing the happiness of the new family. Many of these homes need the dog as much as the dog needs them.

While all of our dogs will have a place at Lily’s Haven (our facility in Peyton, CO) for as long as they need to, the quicker we can get them into a home environment, the better they will start to forget their past and learn how to become a socialized pet.

We desperately need more foster homes in order to continue our rescue efforts. Please consider joining our team by offering your home as a temporary safe haven.

What Is Foster Care?

Being a foster home means sharing your home with a rescued dog; providing food, shelter, toys,
walks and lots of attention, as if the dog were your own, until a permanent home for the dog is
found. We count on our foster homes to observe behaviors in a variety of situations. We ask that
foster families work to housebreak and leash-train the dog. In addition, foster families need to
bring the dog to adoption events so as to help him/her find their forever home. We also need to
hear and see updates about the foster dog so that we can continuously update their online
biography and photos.

Who Can Foster?

The most important requirements are time and attention. You must be willing to include the dog in
family activities, allow the dog to live as a house dog with much human companionship, and provide
some daily one-on-one time with your rescue, including cuddles, play, and walks on leash. A foster
home does need to meet the same home check criteria as an adoptive home. A representative
from NMDR will arrange an appointment to meet with you to review these criteria.

  • Fenced yard (in most cases – some exceptions are possible).
  • Live inside
  • Unchained.
  • Provided with adequate fresh food and water, clean, dry shelter when outside, and daily exercise.
  • Provided with a safe collar with ID tags to be worn at all times.
  • All adoptive families will obey all applicable laws governing control and custody of animals.
  • If you have other pets, they must be spayed/neutered if you would like to foster a dog from us. Your other pets must be up to date on all vet care (shots and preventatives).

NMDR Will Provide

  • All medical care and treatment needed by the dog including but not limited to: medical checkups and vaccines, and preventative heartworm medication.
  • Photography services to update online photos.
  • Periodic check-ins to gather additional information
  • Puppy Mill to Pet support (Workshops, Handbook, Behavioral Consultation) – see the Post Adoption Support.

Foster Steps

  • Complete and submit the Foster Care Application.
    Start Application
  • A member of the Foster Care Team will contact you to review
  • A home visit will be scheduled. If all is approved, you will be issued a Foster/Adopter Certificate.
  • Attend a Foster Orientation
  • You can then select the dog to foster.
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