Volunteer Appreciation Week – Thank You from Theresa Strader

Dear NMDR Volunteers,

I wanted to take a few moments during this Volunteer Appreciation Week to share some thoughts and thanks with you.

I know you’ve heard this from me many times before and I will say it again and again because it is the truth behind the many achievements of National Mill Dog Rescue. You, our volunteers, are the sole reason for our success. I receive far more than my share of accolades for the organization that NMDR is today. The truth is, without you, there would be no National Mill Dog Rescue, no 10,000 dogs saved, no sparkling clean kennel facility, no immaculate care of our precious guests. And I want all of you to know that I share this truth very regularly with people who admire our successes and wonder how we’ve accomplished all that we have in such a short period of time.

In every way, the thanks belongs to each of you who have given of yourselves in so many ways; your time so willingly, your backs so readily, your homes so openly, your funds so generously and, above all, your love so unconditionally. Time and time again, you look past the imperfections in many of our dogs and delight in the very smallest traces of progress. You have cried alongside me at the condition of so many of our babies and have bitten your own tongues so that we could keep our mission alive. You courageously extend your hands to our most fearful dogs, knowing this is what it takes for them to one day trust the touch of the hands they were once so afraid of. You work tirelessly with a devotion that is, in every way, second to none. It is your hearts and your dedication that is the formula for our success. I implore you this week to take extra pride in yourselves and all that we have accomplished together. You are truly a force to be reckoned with!

None of this escapes me and the truth is, it’s me who is in awe of you, as well I should be, because for me there would be no fulfilling of my dream without you. Thank you all so much!

With all my love and gratitude,

National Mill Dog Rescue Volunteer Picnic 2014

National Mill Dog Rescue Volunteer Picnic 2014

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22 Responses to “Volunteer Appreciation Week – Thank You from Theresa Strader”

  1. Ann Cluck

    I am only a virtual volunteer and I have not been able to help other than post pups. I wish I could do more, but there aren’t any NMDR rescues close to me.

    Have an awesome pawsome day,


  2. Carol Conway

    I am disabled..Have a hard time walking .. can’t work.need cane..been on disability 2 years..I have followed ur rescue for soo long..have wanted to help..because of ur organization I started volunteering at Taps…A rescue in Pekin Illinois…I can only walk about 3 dogs a day..about 4 times a week…ur organization has saved over 10000 souls over in turn u have helped save mine…theres something about walking a dog that is so petrified it pees all over itself annd when you put theem back inside the kennel there licking and jumping all over not scared but happy..that is what u have done..helped me help them..how many others likee have u inspired Theresa..ty from bottom of my heart…time to go walk more souls..

  3. Judy Ver Helst

    Thank you so much Theresa. Just know that you are MY inspiration and I am so PROUD to say that I volunteer at the best organization there is, National Mill Dog Rescue! It’s all about the dogs!


  4. elaine

    Thank you for all you do for dog rescue. There is no greater feeling then releasing dogs held in captivity for years and freeing then to enjoy their years in freedom and love.

  5. Bernadette

    This organization is AMAZING. I am proud to work along side of such dedicated and driven individuals of all ages. Thank you, Theresa for the first stones used to build our strong foundation. If the world had even a quarter of your drive can you imagine what we would actually become?

  6. Danielle Shay

    It takes many people to save lives the way you all do. I’ve been following you, from here in Canada, for a while now, and I’m in awe of the miracles you create every day. I also thank you, for all the hard work that you do. God bless you all. Let’s keep saving lives. <3

  7. Dee Hammons

    The energy you all show for the incredible job you do is amazing! Words to describe how I feel about all of you and the work you do, grateful, proud, enrichment, ambitious, love, excitement, happy, honorable, heroes and so many more, all positive! THANK YOU

  8. Laurie

    you all are an amazing group of volunteers. Someday I hope I can come out and lend a hand along side of you as you show these precious babies what love is. Until then I will give when I can and share all the time. You all are truly God’s Angels here on Earth! God Bless each and everyone of you, and Theresa too!!!

  9. Dee Ruppert

    I agree, with all your love and dedication we continue to rescue!
    I’m very grateful for the 10,000 precious souls, free to be in a family,
    free to be loved, and free to be happy.
    Many Thanks!!.
    Bless You All!

  10. Nancy Mann

    Thank You for doing what you do! It is my hope that some day, because of people like you (all) there will be no need for Rescue. That some day there will be laws passed against Puppy Mills so strict and enforced that no dog born will have to endure the horrors of a Puppy Mill. I really don’t know how you do what you do except for “Love” How you are able to look at the condition some of these dogs are in and not sit down and bawl your eyes out. I am sure there are times when you do, but then forge ahead anyway. I am in awe of each of you and Thank You seems inadequate but it’s the only words I can Say. So Thank Each of you for loving these precious dogs and doing whatever it takes to make their new lives better. God Bless You.
    PS There was a story I once read about Mother Teresa when caring for some very sick and contagious children. A man said to her “You couldn’t pay me enough to do what you do” Her answer was emphatic,”You couldn’t me either!”, “Then why do you do it?” He asked. Her reply “I Love these children” ” I do it for Love”
    That’s how I perceive NMDR – You Do it For “Love”

  11. Akira Kendrick

    I absolutely love working at the rescue!!! Just being around dogs and having them lick me or sniff my hand is all I could ask for! I am only 13 and I am extremely honored to be volenteering here at NMDR!!!!

  12. Lynne Evans

    It is the highlight of my week when I get a chance to volunteer. Since I come from Aurora I don’t get to come down as often as I would like, but I look forward to my time at the kennel. I tell people all the time how much I love seeing the progress the dogs make even though it breaks my heart sometimes. It is so wonderful to see the growth, especially when the scared ones finally come to you for love. It is hard to say goodbye when they find homes, but you are also soo happy knowing they will have a great new life.

  13. Joanne Scott

    YOU are amazing women and men. I have found my forever home as a volunteer beside you. Each precious furbaby that is recued owns a piece of my heart. I have learned so much about the puppy mill industry and never sidestep the opportunity to share their plight with anyone who will listen. I have fostered a dozen, felt joy with their tiny accomplishments and deep sorrow at the passing of my own foster failure. I have learned patience, understanding and felt strength among new friends. I will be a voice for those who have no voice. Thank You Theresa for welcoming me into a new chapter of my life.
    We are RESCUE STRONG!!

  14. Colleen Holen

    All of you are truly amazing. I have been to your kennel twice and am so impressed with the cleanliness and dedicated people who volunteer there. And lastly thank for our Domino who lives in ND now.

  15. Victoria Jenkins

    It is I who is blessed, to be a part of this wonderful organization, moderator by day , and some nights when we get busy from the rescue or on the road to freedom , thank you for letting me be a part of it. Thanks to the folks who take me to the kennels when they can, love to scoop the poop, and love on the dogs and the other volunteers.

  16. Trudy Royster

    Theresa, I follow your efforts constantly. What an incredible difference you make in the lives of these little forgotten babies! You and your team of volunteers touch the world and those who care like no other! I am constantly amazed by the blessings in the stories you share and I cry at nearly every reading…but they are good tears that I know I am sharing with all the other people who care about NMDR! Thank you for loving Lily and allowing her to make such a difference for so very many!!!

  17. Mary Ann Gardner

    Theresa, I admire you so much for all you do for these innocent animals. If it wasn’t for you and your angels there would have been no Lily, you took this poor sweet baby and loved her for as long as you could, you are someone I would love to meet, I live in California and I would love to make it my vacation just to meet you in person and personally tell you how much you are appreciated for all you do. Sincerely, Mary Ann Gardner.

  18. Irene Tomczak

    I admire what all of you do. You are my heroes (Harley and Teddy are my super heroes). Theresa Strader, you have a remarkable group of people and they are led by a truly remarkable woman who has a big, loving heart!

  19. Sue A.

    Theresa, your gratitude towards your volunteers is why you have so many people who want to help. Your vision is coming true every day! I got goosebumps when I saw the rescue with the motorcycles and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” It was absolutely amazing. I am so sad for Harley’s passing, but you and your volunteers keep his legacy alive. Some day we want to say that there are no more puppy mills! With your organization, along with changing legislation, that can happen. Bless you for your dedication, I do hope to meet you some day!

  20. bridget wolf

    I’m so thankful to work with all of you amazing people. Love you Theresa!


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