Education is the key to ending the nightmare of the commercial breeding industry and pet overpopulation.

Welcome to our education page! Please feel free to use these resources and ideas with your students and children. They are intended to be informative and “ready to go” with a minimum of preparation on your part.

  • Outreach Program – a volunteer from NMDR will come to your school or organization and give a presentation about mill dogs and our rescue. The presentation can be tailored to fit any ages, children through adults. Contact Cathlin or Cheryl for more information.
  • PowerPoint presentation and Microsoft Word document as accompanying script.
  • List of additional websites on the topic of rescue dogs, puppy mills, etc.
  • List of videos on the topic of puppy mills

Class activities and projects related to curriculum

  • Write letters to legislators about stopping puppy mills
  • Write essays (persuasive, argumentative paper)
  • Hold a poster contest, possibly display at local stores, school hallways

Community service activities

Volunteerism at a kennel or rescue organization

Create a donations program, collect coins, collect canned dog food or bags of dry food. Collect collars, toys, blankets or old towels.

Websites that give information about puppy mills

The Humane Society of the United States Puppy Mills
ASPCA Puppy Mills information
North Shore Animal League
Puppy Mills Wikipedia
Prisoners of Greed Puppymills Breed Misery
PuppyMills.com (the music can be turned off in the upper left)
Just What is a Puppy Mill?


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