Quick Facts


To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home discarded breeding dogs and to
educate the general public about
the cruel realities of the commercial
dog breeding industry

Contact Info

Executive Director: Theresa Strader
Contact: customerservice@nmdr.org
Phone: (719) 683-3334
Location: 5335 JD Johnson Road, Peyton, Colo.
Mailing: P. O. Box 88468 Colorado Springs, CO 80908
501(c)(3) charitable organization
EIN: 26-0574783


National Mill Dog Rescue started with a single sentence in an email Theresa Strader received: “50 Italian greyhounds in need.” A large-scale breeding operation, a.k.a. a puppy mill, was going out of business, and 561 dogs were going to auction. One of those dogs was a 7-year-old named Lily. The moment their eyes met through the wire of Lily’s tiny cage, Theresa knew her life had changed forever and that this new life would include a mission to bring about lasting change. In honor of Lily, National Mill Dog Rescue was established in February 2007 to give a voice to mill dogs across the country. Since then, NMDR has rescued more than 16,000 puppy mill survivors. Every single dog that comes through our doors is spayed or neutered and given whatever additional medical care needed—without exception. They are groomed, many of them for the very first time. Years of filth and matted fur are removed, allowing the beautiful dog underneath to shine. Soon they learn about all the simple pleasures that they had never previously known—clean water, toys and treats, soft beds, and, most importantly, the love of a human companion.

The National Mill Dog Rescue Community

Our community embraces thousands of donors, supporters and volunteers from around the world. To follow us online, go to:
Website www.nmdr.org

Volunteer Facts

More than 400 volunteers nationally, primarily local
More than 6,000 monthly volunteer hours
95 percent volunteer-based

Rescue Facts

Trips: 2 x per month, average 63 dogs per trip
Rescue mileage: More than 37,278 miles in 2020
  • Petco Sprinter Van
  • Cargo Van (retired to local duty only)
  • Passenger Van

Expense Facts

Kennel expenses (mortgage and utilities): $6,400/month Food for entire kennel: $100/day One rescue mission: $3,000 (includes dog care expenses) Basic veterinary care: $300/dog (includes spay/neuter, extensive dentals, heartworm testing and treatment, vaccinations, microchipping Specialty veterinary care: $8,000/month average. Roughly 1/3 of our dogs require specialized treatment at an ER or private practice clinic.


Daily Care at the kennel
Veterinary Care
Foster Care
Post-Adoption Support
Education and Outreach


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