Individual Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with National Mill Dog Rescue.

To volunteer with NMDR as an individual, please follow these steps first.  You MUST complete these steps and your Orientation PRIOR TO volunteering.

Youth volunteers must be at least 13. Those between the ages of 13-15 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent at all times until they have been approved to volunteer on their own.  All volunteers must commit to:

  • Join at least one volunteering team. Team descriptions are available in the Handbook (see link below)
  • Sign up for at least one morning Dog Care shift per quarter – (only local volunteers <90 miles from the kennel who are physically able).
  • Volunteer a MINIMUM of four hours every month.
  • Maintain your online volunteering record.

Please consider these carefully before committing to becoming a volunteer with NMDR. During Orientation you will be required to join a team.  Some teams will have additional requirements.  Please consider all of this carefully before registering.  You will become an Active Volunteer with NMDR once you have been added to a volunteering team. If volunteering as a family, please complete each step for every family member.

If your record indicates 3+ months of inactivity, you will be inactivated as a volunteer and will be required to attend another orientation prior to volunteering again.

National Mill Dog Rescue Expectations
As an employee or volunteer representing National Mill Dog Rescue, your conduct and interaction with staff, other volunteers and the public is expected to always be professional and courteous. By volunteering, you are making a commitment to carry out, to the best of your abilities, the tasks you have pledged to perform.  National Mill Dog Rescue endeavors to create an environment in which volunteers may participate, learn, and aid the organization in achieving its mission. Just as we strive to uphold our commitment to each and every individual, we ask that each volunteer commit to the following code of conduct.

National Mill Dog Rescue Code of Conduct

• Keep Safety –for self, others and the dogs – at the forefront of all volunteer activities
• Follow guidelines of training and supervisory volunteers/staff
• Report all injuries or safety concerns immediately

• Display compassion, respect, & sensitivity for people and animals you work with
• Communicate concerns and needs with the appropriate staff member
• Treat others as you wish to be treated
• Strive to promote a positive environment
• If you commit, show up, both physically and mentally.
• ‘Stay in your lane’ – work within your area of volunteering.
• Know that you are making a difference and are appreciated

• Support the mission, goals, and efforts with a positive, respectful, cooperative attitude. While you may not always agree, please support the decisions made by managers/board members of NMDR, realizing that they will always have the best interests of the dogs and the organization in mind.
• Bring your best skills and abilities to your volunteer work.
• Promote goodwill by handling contacts with organizational staff, board members, volunteers, and visitors, in a spirit of respect, courtesy and cooperation.
• Maintain confidentiality of all information received whether written or verbal, pertaining to dogs, the organization or people. Information for public consumption is shared officially through NMDR’s emails and social media pages (not the closed volunteer groups).
• Avoid engaging in any conduct that could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Note: Should a volunteer display unprofessional, dishonest or disrespectful behavior or exhibit a lack of self- discipline, the volunteer may be asked to leave the organization, the premises or event. Such behavior could be grounds for release of volunteer status.

Step Down Considerately

Volunteers come and go for many reasons, and National Mill Dog Rescue is no different. When you leave or disengage from the organization, in whole or in part, we ask that you do so in a way that minimizes disruption. This means you should tell people you are leaving and take the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where you leave off.

Reasons for Volunteer Dismissal may include but are not limited to:
• Inhumane treatment of animals
• Failing to adhere to NMDR policies and procedures
• Insubordination, harassment, intimidation, threats, discourtesy, blatant disrespect for organizational policies or decisions, bashing, abusive language or behavior to fellow volunteers or the public; spreading falsehoods about the organization
• Violation of any safety rules or endangering the health or safety of any person or shelter animal.
• Intoxication or using intoxicating beverages on duty
• Possession or use of drugs/narcotics on duty
• Any defacing of NMDR property
• Uncooperativeness with other volunteers, management, or the Board of Directors.
• Lying, falsifying or defacing records or documents
• Disclosing confidential information
• Theft of NMDR property or animals
• Failure to maintain harmonious relations with staff/volunteers
• Providing false or misleading information about NMDR or any employee to a member of the public or to the media
• Seeking or accepting personal gifts, gratuities, bribes or rewards
• Negligence or willful misconduct causing personal injury, harm to an animal, or property damage

In summary, it is our hope that your volunteer efforts will be enjoyable and rewarding for you, the dogs, and the volunteers and staff you work with. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your team leader. It is important that we resolve problems that arise so that we can work together effectively as a team.

Steps to Individual Volunteering

Please note:  You cannot volunteer with NMDR until these steps have been taken and you have attended an Orientation.  By registering as a volunteer you will be added to NMDR’s e-newsletter.

By registering as a volunteer with National Mill Dog Rescue, I understand that I am not an employee, agent, or contractor for the organization.  I further understand that National Mill Dog Rescue will not provide me with any pay, compensation (monetary or otherwise), insurance, worker’s compensation, or any other benefit to which an employee may be entitled.

1. Register and submit an application to volunteer: Register
2. Read the Volunteer Handbook: Volunteer Handbook

To stay up to date on all the news, please sign up for the NMDR Newsletter here.

To request a volunteer badge with your name (after you have accumulated a minimum of 20 hours volunteer time) send an email to

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