In Memory of Gremmy

The following was written by Gremmy’s mom:

“On Sunday, March 20, 2016, a kennel run was dedicated in memory of a very special Shih Tzu here at Lily’s Haven, our facility at National Mill Dog Rescue. Gremmy was one of the worst cases of abuse that NMDR has had to date and the kennel run where he spent three months while being rehabilitated was dedicated in his memory. A bronze plaque that reads “In Memory of Gremmy. Your suffering will not be in vain. You are forever in our hearts.” will hang on this kennel just a little over seven years thanks to the fundraising efforts of his adoptive family and adoring fans through his Facebook page.

“Although this ceremony had to be rescheduled once due to snow, the 20th was a beautiful day to remember our beloved Gremmy. Those in attendance included: his adoptive family who traveled from Denver; a few volunteers; members of his Rehabilitation Team; and Theresa Strader. Several heartfelt emails were read including those from Gremmy’s Vet Team and Meds Team who were not able to attend. A few emotional tributes were also given including one from Theresa Strader, his Lead Rehabilitator, his Mom, his Dad, and their two boys who are thirteen and seven.

“Gremmy spent three months with NMDR in intense rehabilitation before he went into foster. Two months later his family knew they couldn’t live without him and they formally adopted him. Gremmy knew 16 months of love, kindness and being spoiled – things he never had before coming to us. On February 4, 2016, after fighting a losing battle with hydrocephalus, Gremmy peacefully made his way across the Rainbow Bridge in his Dad’s arms, surrounded by his family. Through Gremmy’s Facebook page, his family will continue to bring awareness to the plight of the mistreatment of animals and puppy mill dogs in honor of this amazing little dog with an unbreakable spirit.”  ~Jamye Harris (Gremmy’s mom)


Gremmy kennel dedication (1) Gremmy kennel dedication (2) Gremmy kennel dedication (4) Gremmy kennel dedication (3)
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18 Responses to “In Memory of Gremmy”

  1. Dalma Bugg

    Only just ‘met’ Gremmy for first time on fb last week. What a tragic loss that could have been avoided had the medical investigation got to it. Gremmy will remain alive in my memory and i hope in the hearts of all who work with rescue. I pray his loss will count emormously in the ongoing work of Veterinary Medicine as well as Puppy Mill Rescues so that every precious creature has a chance of getting out alive to live as they were born to – free to emjoy the love of a human family who wants to love them not destroy them.

  2. Debra. Lara

    Poor little angel. So sorry for your lost. People. Need how to shut down all those puppy mills and save all the ones that are in there I have three rescue dogs three Chihuahuas that I have rescued now they have a better life I’ve been giving them everything they need God bless you

  3. Beverly Arthur

    I hear about these puppy mills alot and would love to get my hands on the owners. They need to be prosecuted to the full extent just as a human would be if he or she committed murder. Take them all down…same with dog fighting! R.I.P. little Gremmy. You will remain in all of our hearts!

  4. C Guy

    Sixteen months of pure love and joy for a most deserving pup – what a beautiful gift you all gave Gremmy. Though words can’t take the pain of your loss away, I hope you’re hearts of full of the love and joy he also gave to you. You’re all beautiful and inspiring heroes.

  5. Susan Cook

    God Bless Remmy and NMDR and The Family who adopted Remmy!! <3 <3 he is R.I.P. All my love…Eternally….Susie

  6. Sharin

    I’m so sorry to hear about Gremmy. Stories if abuse make me sad and mad. So glad Gremmy found a loving forever. Family and home and knew what love and a gentle touch was. R.I.P. sweet one. Prayers to the family!

  7. Amrita

    R.I.P Gremmy..God bless all those who showed love and kindness to him and cared for him.

  8. Ruth Huyler

    Just wanted you to know that I’m so very sorry for your loss. Until the day you are reunited again on the other side of rainbow bridge, be happy knowing you did a wonderful thing for Gremmy….he got to experience love and a family and a forever home. God bless you all….you are truly angels on this earth. ❤????

  9. PATRICE colamesta

    When I read stories like this my heart just wants to cry poor babies
    puppy mill abusers, the things that people do to dogs and the horrendous way they treat the moms in their puppies is unbelievable
    It just breaks your heart to read about it dogs are specially treated horribly
    It’s good he found a year-and-a-half of love which made his suffering nit on vain for a while.

  10. Dorothy. Hogan Fox

    I pray we will be able to close the Mills down very soon. Nothing good happens to the poor Angels there I cry when I see the results of the treatment they get. Surely we can get some law to close them RIP. Dear Fur Angel. Never will you be forgotten and always thought of with love ???? rear in the Arms Of The LORD

  11. Lynn

    may germ my rest in peace.i know this is the saddest moment of every one who took care of Grammy. Ian glad he was taken care of and loved. Grammy at least had a life. Those person who hurts an amimal is not a human being and should be locked up for life and key should be thrown far away.????lynn

  12. bill & pat

    We R so proud of our 15 yr.old puppy mill rescue. Who rescued who?

  13. Jackie

    R.I.P. Gremmy. So sorry your good new life was cut short but so glad you found it before it was too late. Bless your adoptive Family for giving it to you. I know he was happy and grateful for it. All of my animals are Rescues and I wouldn’t have it otherwise! Every one of them was worth saving. Keep up the good work.

  14. Mary

    RIP Gremmy it just break my heart to read these stories about puppy mills. For I love dogs cats and other animals I will never understand why people are so mean to them. And I’m sorry for your loss thank you for giving him some loving and a forever home.

  15. Lorraine Murdoch

    I have only just discovered Gremmys fb page. So sad that he had went through so much cruelty in his little lifetime . I have always felt strongly against puppy mills I believe that everyone of them should be destroyed ( the mills ) not the dogs .

  16. pat

    just saw this beautiful little dog and wanted to send thanks from the heart to all of you who helped him know love and care.


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