Coins for the Canines

Coins for the Canines JarReportedly, there are over $10 billion U.S. coins currently gathering dust as spare change in piggy banks and old cookie tins in homes all across America. If you’re like us, they clutter our cars, lie around on our counters, weigh down our purses, and hide in our sofas.

You can make a difference for puppy mill dogs by participating in our ongoing campaign, “Coins for the Canines”. Pennies add up and there’s power in numbers!

Our ability to rescue more dogs is always limited by finances. Please click on the image below (it will open in a new window), save it, print it, and adhere it to a jar or container. Place the container in a visible location. If you wish, create multiple jars for home, your workplace, local businesses, etc.

Because we obviously can’t collect change across the world, when you have counted your change, you can then deposit it in your bank account and then donate the equivalent through our DONATE LINK.

Download and print these flyers to help educate: General InformationFoster a Mill DogPet Store Puppies

Thank you for thinking of the dogs!

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