2014 Annual Report – National Mill Dog Rescue

Dear friends,

At the end of December, we were closing in on 10,000 dogs rescued since our beginning in 2007. Hard to believe! It has been a backbreaking, often distressing journey, yet the most deeply rewarding experience of a lifetime. None of our successes have come easy; but we are on our feet, going strong, with much work yet to be done.

Over the previous seven years, we accomplished so much; but we grew so fast—from caring for a few dogs in my backyard to housing a hundred at a time in our Peyton kennel and a hundred more in foster homes—that most of the time we scrambled to keep our heads above water. There were just so many dogs that needed us!

Last year, we were finally able to take a deep breath and a hard look at all of the processes involved in moving our precious survivors from their cages at the mills and into loving homes. We asked ourselves: How could we work smarter to help the dogs and advance our mission?

So, 2014 was the year of making things better, not bigger. We improved our long-term rehabilitation program for fearful dogs, streamlined our adoption program, grew our outreach through social media and made some necessary upgrades to our kennel facility. You’ll see several other examples in this report.

Thankfully, our incredible volunteers kept everything humming along, as they continue to do each and every day. I am deeply humbled and extremely proud to have such a committed and passionate group of people working right alongside me. There is simply no way we would be here without their undying dedication. Because of them, thousands of dogs that once had hopeless futures are instead living as cherished family members across the entire nation.

Along with our volunteers, our supporters are vital to our ongoing success. With your continued encouragement and friendship, we will be right here loving and caring for our puppy mill survivors until the very last day that we are needed.

With immeasurable gratitude,
Theresa Strader
Executive Director

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2014 Annual Report Cover
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9 Responses to “2014 Annual Report – National Mill Dog Rescue”

  1. usher prowse

    Thank u 4 what u do 4 thee poor babies I am sending you money every month ss

  2. Kari Peterson

    I volunteered at NMDR this past week and was blown away by how awesome & caring all of the volunteers there are! I got to socialize with quite a few of the dogs & it melts my heart thinking about how much better off they are now that they are finally rescued! So honored to have been a part of this & I plan on volunteering again soon when I get back to CO! ?? Thank u for everything u do for these precious babies!

  3. Liz

    I think your amazing! I knew puppy mills were bad but I didn’t know how bad. Makes me cry every time I look at Lily! I share your photos here in Canada to make people aware . Keep up your amazing work.

  4. Cathy Hunnicutt

    God Bless You and your organization. I pray everyday day for your success and the health and safety of those prescious animals. I am retired and live in Georgia. I have adopted 5 cats and 4 dogs and one possium. But let me know and I willbe more than glad to help you and your organization anyway I can. God is smiling on you you are a faithful servant for his creatures.

    Cathy Hunnicutt.

  5. Rachel Parrott

    Pls watch my YouTube video ” leaving Ralf behind” pls let me know if you can help x

  6. Debbie Furry Friends Inc.

    The never ending compassion of all of the volunteers and everyone at NMDR is the most selfish acts known to man and canines. It is our pleasure and honor to help support your efforts. Having 3 NMDR rescues in our home it is with a full heart that I personally thank you for all you do. The lives you touch have no words to equate to what you give. Thank you!


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