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Become an Angel for Puppy Mill Dogs

Become a National Mill Dog Rescue Angel today and make a profound difference in the lives of puppy mill survivors!  Your ongoing support means that we can rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome MORE dogs from puppy mills.

A National Mill Dog Rescue Angel is the special name we give to monthly sustaining donors who contribute money year round at any level to help us save more mill dogs.  Your commitment reduces the time and resources needed to develop special fundraising campaigns, helps us plan our operations, and – most importantly– allows us to rescue dogs we would otherwise be unable to help.  Knowing that we have your ongoing support means that we can confidently say yes to out-of-the ordinary veterinary expenses and to dogs just waiting to be rescued.

On average, we have 100 mill dogs to care for and feed daily at our facility, day in and day out.  In addition to their daily care, many require extensive veterinary care in order to be prepared for a life outside the cage as a beloved family member.

To sign up, CLICK HERE and select the NMDR Angel option and then decide the monthly giving level that works for you.  To change or cancel your monthly donation at any time, simply contact us at customerservice@nmdr.org.

Every single penny counts!  We respect your generous donation and use each dollar wisely.  Your donations are the reason we can do what we do and save more dogs.

Expenses differ depending on the dog, of course, but here are some approximate costs of a typical mill dog that will help you know where your donation dollars go:

  • Food & Shelter: $50
  • Vaccinations & Medications: $100
  • Specialty Exams based on medical condition: $125 – $400
  • Microchip: $25
  • Teeth cleaning & Dental with extensive extractions: $400-$1500
  • Surgeries and Mass Removal: $300+
  • Spay/Neuter (typical conditions seen – pyometra, hernias): $200
  • Flea, Parasite, & Tick Treatment: $50


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