Double the Pawprints

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Our Double the Pawprints campaign is raising funds for NMDR to help us do just that-double the number of dogs we rescue and adopt into their first loving homes. We are so excited the initial phase of the Double the Pawprints campaign helped us fund the completion of the renovations and the new housing (kennel runs and crate banks) or the neighborhoods and condo units, as we are calling them, are on the way.

This Missouri location is providing us the ability to truly double the number of dogs we save while fulfilling NMDR’s core mission. We now have a safe place to service our dogs during rescues, a place where rescue partners can come to and help in our efforts, and a place that holds even more imagined opportunities in the coming years.

The funds from the remaining activities in the Double the Pawprints campaign will support ongoing operational expenses while allowing us to continue to expand and develop this part of our mission. We can, and will, increase the number of trips and rescues we run each year. Again, doubling the number of dogs we rescue – Doubling our Pawprints.

Providing a location our rescue partners on the east side of the country can easily access greatly impacts how many dogs we can rescue at one time. Developing relationships with these rescue partners benefits the shelters as many have adopters looking for small dogs due to high population density and weight limits in the areas they serve. Having a greater number of adoptable dogs drives people back to the shelters, revitalizes community interest, and increases adoption chances for all dogs in shelters.

With your contribution to this exciting Double the Pawprints campaign, NMDR will be empowered to significantly increase the number of dogs we rescue and place into loving homes while continuing to serve and educate the individuals and communities we are working with. Please ask us how you can contribute and be a part of this important expansion of our mission or make a general donation here.


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