Lucky Dogs? No, Lucky US!

We are so fortunate to be able to rescue and rehabilitate this very special population of dogs! Our greatest joy is when they go to their forever homes and begin to experience the joy of being part of a family at last.

Our team’s devotion to the dogs’ care is so inspiring.  Thousands of dogs have passed through our hands over the years and each one is special.  The lessons we learn from them, the tears we shed for a variety of reasons, and the ultimate reward of watching them become a cherished pet are all steps along the journey.

Our grooming team sees the rescued dogs at their absolute worst and with gentle care, transforms them into the best they’ve ever looked!

The people who show up every day to keep Lily’s Haven sparkling clean also deserve a big shout out.  We are so grateful to our cleaning team for the hard work they do to give our dogs the spic and span environment they deserve!

We rescued our 12,000th dog in June 2017.  Gidget is an adorable Silky Terrier who quickly found a wonderful forever home. There is STRENGTH in NUMBERS!