Report a lost dog

Only complete this report if your dog was adopted from or you are fostering a dog from National Mill Dog Rescue.

    Contact Information




    Dog Information



    Collar/Tags on when lost

    Microchipped? if yes, provide microchip # and vendor

    Any health conditions that require medication or treatment? If yes, please describe.

    General demeanor (e.g. will the dog allow someone to pick up, to approach, etc.)

    Has the dog ever bitten anyone or been threatening toward anyone? Please detail.

    Is there another dog in the house this lost dog is close to?

    Grooming notes (e.g. recently shaved, shaggy, etc.)

    Location & Logistics

    Last Sighting Location (as detailed as possible)

    Describe the circumstances that caused the dog to get lost? (broke through fence, slipped collar, jumped out of car, car accident, thunderstorm, etc.)

    Last Sighting Date

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