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Go BIG for Summer with NMDR!

We’re excited to kick off our “Go BIG for Summer” adoption promotion at National Mill Dog Rescue! Through August, we’re spotlighting our large breed dogs. In a special summer offer, the adoption fees for dogs 50 pounds and up are reduced to just $200!

Weekly Highlights

Each week, we’ll introduce you to some of our big-hearted rescues. You’ll discover their amazing personalities and the unique stories that make each of them special. These dogs are more than their size—they are full of love, devotion, and are eagerly waiting to become a beloved part of your family.

Why Choose a Large Breed?

Large breed dogs bring a special kind of joy to any household. Known for their loyalty and gentle nature, they make excellent companions for all kinds of activities—be it outdoor adventures or cozy evenings at home. By adopting one of these wonderful dogs, you’re not only giving them a loving home but also helping us make room to rescue more dogs in need.

Make a Difference

Join us in making this summer a turning point for our gentle giants. Follow our weekly posts to meet your potential new family member and learn how you can add a big bundle of love to your life.

Promotion Details

This special adoption fee is available from today through August 31, 2024. Don’t miss the chance to welcome a big, loving dog into your heart and home.

Together, let’s give these deserving dogs the summer of love and forever homes they’ve been waiting for!

This Week’s Highlights


Meet Benzo, the chill Rottweiler with a mischievous streak! At first glance, he’s all serene eyes and noble calm—but give him a scratch and his tail turns into a wind machine! This four-pawed socialite walks his leash like it’s a runway, and he’s auditioning for the role of your next best friend at National Mill Dog Rescue. Weighing in at a stately 79 lbs, Benzo is more than ready to strut into your life and heart.

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