Keeping the Promise ALIVE

In 2007, National Mill Dog Rescue founder Theresa Strader made a promise to Lily, vowing that she would continue to rescue dogs like her. We need your help to make that happen. Please read Theresa’s letter below:

Lily - Keeping the Promise Alive
Dear Friends,

I already know that we are kindred spirits in our love and compassion for animals in need because of your past support.  So let me first say thank you. Thank you so much for caring!

We have liberated more than 12,000 dogs, loved and cared for their broken bodies and their precious souls, and helped them move forward to lives as cherished family members.

Sadly, we regularly continue to witness the effect that confinement, day in and day out, has on our best friends. Many nights, we go to bed with heavy hearts—worried about the dogs that are still waiting to be rescued and outraged over the extreme neglect we have witnessed. I’ve wondered time and again how some of our dogs could possibly have survived, given the conditions they were forced to endure. Let me tell you about two of them.

When we rescued 7-year-old Cinder, she was close to death. Covered in a thousand ticks and harboring nearly every internal parasite known to man, she was literally being eaten alive. It took four days of intensive, inpatient emergency medical care to help her live. I’m happy to say that, with continued care and rehabilitation, she made a truly miraculous recovery and was adopted by a loving family who regularly updates us on the pure joy she has brought to their home. From a near-dead breeding machine to a beloved family member, Cinder and dogs like her give us hope and purpose.

A little Bichon Frise named Boots spent nine years in a mill. He was a last-minute add-on when our team arrived to rescue several other dogs. Although space was tight in our van, Boots wasn’t left behind—and thank goodness, because when he arrived at our kennel, he was urinating pure blood. We whisked him to the ER, where bladder stones the size of golf balls were removed. In addition, we fixed his horribly rotted mouth and the corneal ulcers in his eyes. With time to heal and lots of TLC, Boots is feeling like a new little man, healthy and happy as he anxiously awaits his forever home.

Ten years ago, I made a promise to Lily, our founding dog who had suffered terribly during her years of confinement. I vowed that, for as long as puppy mills exist, we will rescue dogs like her and do everything humanly possible to make them whole.  We will fight for change, educating the public at every opportunity.

We absolutely cannot do this without your encouragement and continued financial support. We rely on donations from friends like you to meet expenses that will exceed $1 million this year. We’re spending at least $10,000 every month just on specialized veterinary care for our dogs.

May I count on you to help me keep my promise to Lily? So many dogs like her—and like Cinder and Boots—desperately need our help.

Please consider sending a generous donation today and know how enormously grateful we are for your abiding belief in our mission.

With my most sincere thanks,

Theresa Strader
Founder and Executive Director


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