2014 Annual Report – National Mill Dog Rescue

Dear friends, At the end of December, we were closing in on 10,000 dogs rescued since our beginning in 2007. Hard to believe! It has been a backbreaking, often distressing journey, yet the most deeply rewarding experience of a lifetime. None of our successes have come...

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Gremmy’s Story

See this face? This is Gremlin, aka Gremmy. You may not be able to tell just by looking, but he is a survivor ... a survivor of horrible abuse and neglect that he endured for years. My husband and I are long-term volunteers for...

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2013 Annual Report – National Mill Dog Rescue

Dear friends, This, our very first, annual report has been a long time coming. Getting any of us to slow down long enough to put it together has been a challenge. I hope you find it informative and trust it will increase your understanding of our mission, our...

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A Thank You from Theresa Strader

Hello Friends, I wanted to take some time tonight to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you who supported my family in so many ways over the past four weeks. As you can imagine, losing our home in the wildfire was certainly a shocking and...

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Lily’s Story, by Rich Strader

        Lily is the love and the light of my life. If you've ever had a special dog like Lily, then you will understand right away what I'm talking about. Lily was born, raised and perhaps had 13 litters of puppies at the Reedgate Kennels before we...

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