10,000 Saved


A message from NMDR founder, Theresa Strader:

Theresa Strader, Lily and some of her other dog in 2007. Photo credit Nanette Marin.

Theresa Strader with Lily and some of her other dogs in 2007. Photo credit Nanette Martin

As we close in on rescuing 10,000 dogs, I am flooded with a vast array of memories, thoughts and emotions. For myself and my family, in the most positive and meaningful way, rescuing Lily changed the path of our lives forever. To witness the toll the years of neglect took on her little body and then to discover her precious soul begin to blossom, truly gave us a deep and genuine passion to make a lasting difference for the mill dogs. To this very day, every dog we rescue continues to honor the life and memory of our very special little girl, Lily.

When I think of the incredibly special people I have met along the way, all just as passionate as I am about giving these dogs a voice, it literally brings me to tears. To know that people around the world support and applaud our efforts is sincerely humbling. The sacrifices we have made over these past eight years honestly don’t come close to the deep personal rewards we have reaped. Thousands of dogs have passed through our hands, each one of them leaving an indelible impression on us as they courageously heal in body and mind, preparing to become cherished family members. Unending lessons of resilience and forgiveness…

With profound gratitude, I thank each and every one of you for your time, encouragement and support and with great joy, I look forward to meeting our next 10,000 dogs!

Theresa Strader


10,000 Dogs Saved10,000 Dogs – 10,000 Tags
To commemorate the rescue of 10,000 dogs we will create a display case to be permanently hung at NMDR’s facility, Lily’s Haven, which will include Lily’s image and be filled with 10,000 paper tags, each tag representing the tag from one dog we have saved since 2007; one dog who was rescued from the commercial dog breeding industry.

You can be part of this milestone event. For only $5, your name (or your dog’s name) will be added to one of these tags and become permanently housed in the ‘10,000 Dogs – 10,000 Tags’ display case.  CLICK HERE to make a $5 donation to purchase a tag.  Thank you for being a part of this great milestone!